Blogging is appealing because…

by Admin on November 7, 2012

It let’s you clear your head

Blogging can be quite a freeing experience. It’s like when an artist has a blank canvas to fill, a writer has an opportunity to fill a blank document with all of their thoughts, opinions and feelings. We can literally fill a blog post with the traumatising experience we had down the local shop. And even though you know it will be broadcast to the internet, and anyone who stumbles across it, you feel like you’re talking to yourself in a way. Everyone else is just there in the background, unseen.


Update others on news

Many of us live remotely from the rest of our extended families, either because we travel the world, or move away. Blogs are a great way for you to update your loved ones on the goings on in your life. Maybe not telling them about every time you eat a muffin or play on binguez, but important stuff. You can share photos, tell them your best news, anything that will interest them. At least they can keep tabs on you that way.

Develop a style and voice

Blogging can help us develop a voice of our own. Often you’ll find that quiet people spend a lot of time writing, because they feel more like themselves in the written word. The more you write, the better your style of writing becomes, and before you know it, you have this narrative voice that people recognise as you. For a lot of people, when they blog they are at their most relaxed, and therefore when they sound the most like themselves. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something about yourself?

Dialogue with others

When you have a blog, you’re inviting other people to comment on the things you say. And while sometimes this can be quite a scary idea, to converse with a complete stranger, for the most part, like-minded people stumble across you. It’s like making a new friend in a way.

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John November 16, 2012 at 11:14 am

I started blogging because I was bored and wanted a way to possibly make a little bit of money. It’s not as easy as just starting a blog, that’s for sure, but with a little effort you can get one going and get others interested in it. After having the site for awhile, at least for me, I started looking forward to typing up my days or weeks activities to share with others. I’m still not making much money, but that hasn’t stopped me from continuing.
I am actually now at the stage of my blogging (finally) where I am actually doing something to progress instead of just writing and putting pictures in. I picked a few sites (out of many) that I thought had good content and I plan to follow those blogs on a regular basis and have actually started officially “Following” them. I didn’t have any I was following before, not officially. I would just show up there once in a while, read, comment, then go away for awhile.
I really like the picture of your house here and if I win the lottery some day, plan to build a house very similar to it. It is now my new favorite looking house.
I hope to see some more intriguing articles from you soon.


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